National Insurance Insitute in Poland

National Insurance Institute, Poland, (NII) – has been established in 1989 as a D&R institute, to provide institutions, enterprises and organizations of financial and insurance sectors with highly specialized knowledge, know-how and education. For the last two decades NII has been actively creating Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian insurance markets (in 1992 NII establihed the first in Poland captive company shape of mutual enterprisefor the Polish copper industry “TUW Cuprum”, and also coupple and some insurance companies, i.e. Allianz - BGŻ Poland S.A. and Allianz BGŻ Life S.A.). The Institute leads broad advisory and training activities. NII rolout new financial institutions on the insurance markets, also organizes and supports broker's activity in field of insurance and reinsurance as well as intermediary agencies. Thanks to the exceptional experiences acquired with realization of a number of non-standard projects (the introduction on the Polish market the certificate of insurance products “Good insurance certificate/policy”) and servicing customers (like Council of Ministers, Ministry of Health, PKO Bank Polski, PGNiG, Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW)) and also close cooperation with scientific environment the Institute will bring into the proposed project its experience in solving the crucial problems as well as creation and implementation special insurance and financial solutions.

NII also deals with the problems of the protection of health in Poland and other EU countries. The Institute disseminates and implements the results of investigations during national and foreign conferences on healthcare.
The most important projects realized by NII in the field of healthcare:
1.   The organization, together with Vermont Insurance Institute (USA): “First  International Insurance Congress - „The role and place of insurance in healthcare system”, (Cracov, 1999).
2.   Organization of the cycle 22 conferences on main issues of healthcare in Poland (1998 – 2008).
3.   The periodical „Health Policy”.
4.   The books (15) on healthcare problems. The first book: “Health insurance in central and eastern Europe – the beginnings”, KIU, Warsaw 2001.The last one „Public hospital In Polish health care the system. Management and financial economy”, KIU - UML, Warsaw - Lodz 2009.


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